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Frequently Asked Questions

I am trying to log into Viking Online and I get a message stating that my password is invalid. It worked before, why am I having problems now?
If you are utilising "bookmarks or favourites" and you change your login name or password, the bookmark is no longer valid. You need to delete the current bookmark/favourite and create a new bookmark/favourite.

Sometimes when I try to access certain pages, I get a message stating that the "Certificate Authority is Expired". Does this mean that I do not have permission to access these pages?
No. Simply click the Continue button. The SSL session that secures your transaction with our site is not affected. You can avoid the message in the future by upgrading your browser.

I have forgotten my login name and password. How can I find out what it is?
Your Viking account manager or organisation’s Super User can provide you with login information. If your company has elected to assign Super User permissions to a user from your organisation's purchasing department, that individual can create a user profile and provide a login name and password for you.

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